H.O.P.E.’s overall purpose is to increase financial literacy awareness, and sustainable homeownership. Our programs involve Education and Counseling. “H.O.P.E. Inc. believes that: Knowledge is Power!  Homeownership is the primary means for working families to build assets.   H.O.P.E. offers a wide range of services de-signed to foster self-sufficiency and help people find and keep the housing that meets their needs.


• Pre-Purchase Homebuying Counseling
• Budget and Debt Counseling
• Foreclosure Intervention
• Credit Counseling
• Financial Management Counseling
• Predatory Lending Counseling

Education Programs

• Pre-Purchase & Post-Purchase Homebuying Education
• Financial Literacy
• Effective Credit Management
• Money Management and Debt Elimination

Affordable Housing

• Architectural / Development Services


Homebuyer Education

Pre-purchase education provides general information about the home buying process to a group of potential homebuyers, in a classroom setting.  This includes but is not limited to information on down-payment assistance programs, closing costs, title companies, home inspections and various financing options.

Post-purchase Education & Counseling (Loss Mitigation)

Post-purchase education gives homeowners instruction to make homeownership sustainable in a classroom setting, while counseling involves one-one-one crisis intervention to help homeowners who are in trouble of maintaining homeownership. The crisis intervention is a major component of our counseling services; to help people who have fallen behind on their mortgages take the steps they need to save their home from foreclosure. The consumers’ only defense is to know their options, to be informed, i.e. educated so they can make a wise decision during the loan process.

H.O.P.E. participates with the Coalition for Homeownership Preservation in Prince George’s County in providing the foreclosure prevention seminars that is held each Thursday in the County.

Financial Literacy

Financial education fosters financial stability for individuals and for the entire communities.  The more people know about credit and banking services, the more likely they are to change their spending habits, sustain homeownership, and improve their financial health and well being.  Our curriculum helps individuals and families build financial knowledge, develop financial confidence and use banking services effectively.  These programs are designed to improve the financial stability of homeowners and to allow them to keep their homes or, if that is not possible, to find other suitable housing.

Foreclosure Intervention

Loss Mitigation
A goal of H.O.P.E. is to maximize homeownership through retention of the home for borrowers that are in default of their mortgage and/or experiencing a hardship paying their mortgage. Default prevention services provide remedial crisis intervention, primarily through one-on-one counseling delivered in-person or over the telephone.

Default prevention programs address the needs of homeowners who have not yet encountered a problem in meeting their mortgage obligations, but know that mortgage rate is resetting or anticipate a financial hardship.

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Financial Coaching

What is financial coaching? Financial coaching is a confidential, judgement-free relationship with a personal finance expert to help address current and immediate issues, then proactively map out actions needed to accomplish future financial goals. The coach will help the client clarify their goals, suggest changes as needed, and assist in aligning client-specific priorities with a financial plan to achieve major life goals.

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