1st Time HomeBuyers -4th Saturday seminars

11/12/19 12:05 PM

Exit Land Mark 4th Saturday seminars:

January 25th

February 22nd

March 28th

April 25th

May 23rd

June 27th

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5 Comments on “1st Time HomeBuyers -4th Saturday seminars”

  1. Vivian C. Powell Says:

    I was trying to register for the January 25th class, but there is nothing that I see where I can registered. Please advise.

  2. Kayla Murray Says:

    I’m interested in attending the 1st Time HomeBuyers on January 25, 2020. Thanks!

  3. Mable Barnes Says:

    please confirm my attendance via cell phone 301-848-8502 or
    303-877-4405, a message can be left.


  4. Mable Barnes Says:

    I would like to attend on 25-Janurary 2020, 4th Saturday.

  5. Matthew Onojafe Says:

    I would like to attend on 25-January 2020, 4th Saturday. Where can I register?

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